martedì 4 novembre 2008

Ganesha Games launches a small poetry competition...

I need a short fantasy poem ( the lyrics of a storyteller's song) to be used as the frontispiece of the SBH rpg "Tales of Blades and Heroes" to be published in 2009 (currently in playtest).

It should be in English, fitting on a 8,5 x 11 inches (letter-sized) single page, in rhyming verse. The poem should end with the words "Tales of Blades and Heroes". It should sound like sung by a storyteller in an inn or around a campfire on a battlefield.

The idea is to convey the various roles and types of heroes in a typical FRPG setting, the dangers, the idea of sticking together, dungeon delving, fighting shoulder to shoulder, using various skills, braving mortal danger -- you know what I'm talking about. A serious, epic, romantic approach will be preferred over a humorous one.

Deadline is 1st January 2009. The poem should be sent as email to or posted on the song of blades yahoo group

Winner receives credit, a free PDF copy of the rules and the original art of one of the plates used in the book (unframed but shipped to your door).

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